Christmas Around the World

Before break I had the opportunity to shoot the BYU Folkdance Christmas Around the World performance. There were so many photos that it was a bit intimidating to go through and pick my favorites, but I it is finally done. It was such a fun event to shoot because of the variety. The shot above comes from a visiting African group that performed a couple of numbers in the middle of the performance. They were so fun to photograph. The performance focuses on showing Christmas celebration from places around the world as the title implies. I think you will be able to guess a lot of them from the photos.

The production managers did a great job with the lighting which made my job a lot more fun. I love shooting this kind of thing, because it is a collaboration of the art of many. The dancers expressions and moves, the choreographers, the costume designers, the make-up artists and those doing the lighting all add to the beauty of each of these shots.Hope you enjoy this sampling of the photos from that evening. It was fun to see friends there and photograph them and also to see so much talent.

This is my friend Stephanie performing with the folk ensamble. They were Awesome

This is my friend Danielle. I love this out fit from this dance.

This is what Lauren looks like after she kisses someone, in case anyone was curious.

Here is my friend Travis.

I loved the look of these African Dances. Beautiful performers and really fun light. I hope you enjoyed these photos.


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  1. Danielle says:

    These are amazing Jonathan! Thank you for sharing! Is there anyway I can share these with my team?

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