The Juicing of Grapes

JH-1410-03-298I love the process of creation and a while back I had the opportunity to photograph some long time friends of mine, the Cleggs, in the process of turning their grapes into grape juice. I love the beauty of working hands!

JH-1410-03-320 JH-1410-03-352JH-1410-03-295 JH-1410-03-204 JH-1410-03-009 JH-1410-03-104JH-1410-03-258JH-1410-03-129JH-1410-03-152 JH-1410-03-251 JH-1410-03-244 JH-1410-03-245JH-1410-03-230
JH-1410-03-223JH-1410-03-220IMG_0035 IMG_0013

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