Developing Portraits

Klain,-Brenan-049These portraits are part of an awesome opportunity I had to photograph students of a local coding class. It was a fun opportunity to create a variety of photos in a short time in a single location; a thrilling creative adventure.

Hohne,-Emily-032 Marchant,-Eric-097Malone,-Colton-045Henrie,-Colt-101 Henrie,-Colt-091


A Creation in Perspective

JH-1510-01-304-copyRecently, I photographed my wonderful friend, Aundrea Frahm, with her beautiful art exhibit at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. There is something awe-inspiring about creation and the depth of thought that supports it. I loved spending time learning a little about the reflection that created this piece. This eight f00t kaleidoscope changed my perspective.

JH-1510-01-116-copy JH-1510-01-408-copyJH-1510-01-041-copy JH-1510-01-251-copy JH-1510-01-162-copy JH-1510-01-318-copyJH-1510-01-026-copyJH-1510-01-053-copyJH-1510-01-209-copyJH-1510-01-393-copy


JH-1510-01-348-copy JH-1510-01-239-copyJH-1510-01-082-copyJH-1510-01-260-copyJH-1510-01-267-copyJH-1510-01-337-copy JH-1510-01-350-copyJH-1510-01-355-copy