The Juicing of Grapes

JH-1410-03-298I love the process of creation and a while back I had the opportunity to photograph some long time friends of mine, the Cleggs, in the process of turning their grapes into grape juice. I love the beauty of working hands!

JH-1410-03-320 JH-1410-03-352JH-1410-03-295 JH-1410-03-204 JH-1410-03-009 JH-1410-03-104JH-1410-03-258JH-1410-03-129JH-1410-03-152 JH-1410-03-251 JH-1410-03-244 JH-1410-03-245JH-1410-03-230
JH-1410-03-223JH-1410-03-220IMG_0035 IMG_0013


Israel YSA Tour

JH-1406-01-5625The Israel young single adult tour was with an even larger group of 50 young adults from my church. While it was an amazingly fun adventure like the Jordan tour, it had an added boost of the spirit to it which made it a wonderful mix. It was great to experience the Holy land with many people of my faith and to learn so much about our savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had not only to capture these pictures but mental pictures that will stick with me forever of the places where Jesus walked, ministered and taught to his people. I am also grateful for the many people that I got to share this experience with. Hopefully these photos capture a little bit of the experience that we had there!JH-1406-01-5760JH-1406-01-5944 JH-1406-01-5907 JH-1406-01-5880 JH-1406-01-5776 JH-1406-01-3429JH-1406-01-5522 JH-1406-01-5401 JH-1406-01-5223 JH-1406-01-5138 JH-1406-01-5101 JH-1406-01-4803 JH-1406-01-4768 JH-1406-01-4721 JH-1406-01-3754JH-1406-01-4704 JH-1406-01-4647 JH-1406-01-4621 JH-1406-01-4130JH-1406-01-3653 JH-1406-01-3573 JH-1406-01-6355JH-1406-01-3568


Jordan YSA Tour


IMG_4358This summer I had the opportunity to go to Jordan and Israel with a large group of young single adults from my church. It was an awesome experience to spend time with great people and learn a ton. The Jordan part of the trip was full of fun and adventure. We saw some really cool sights but the best part was just having fun with all the people we came with and the interacting with the locals. We played soccer with random group of kids at a site in Amman Jordan, we danced with Bedouins at a restaurant, Learned how large mosaics are created, interacted with locals, ate delicious food and ran down sand dunes. I had a ton of fun taking these pictures and hope that you enjoy them!
IMG_1475 IMG_7755 IMG_7677 IMG_6973 IMG_6574 IMG_6156IMG_5821 IMG_6095 IMG_5848 IMG_5768 IMG_5764 IMG_5759 IMG_5353 IMG_4754 IMG_4383 IMG_4348 IMG_4345 IMG_4312 IMG_4267 IMG_4263 IMG_4058 IMG_3940 IMG_2780 IMG_2601 IMG_2232 IMG_2149 IMG_2128 IMG_2001