The Mikado Publicity Photos

Yesterday for work I was assigned to shoot the promotional photos for the Spring Opera for BYU, where they will perform The Mikado. I have not done theatrical promotional photography before so it was a fun learning experience and I feel like I came out with some fun shots. It was great to work with the different performers and try to show some of the emotion and fun of this show. I used three lights with an octa-bank, large soft-box and   barn doors to light the shots. Hope you enjoy the photos.


A Wonderful MC and Spectacular Performance

Tonight I had the wonderful opportunity to take pictures at the BYU Spectacular featuring Broadway Star, Brian Stokes Mitchell. Brian was a wonderful entertainer and delivered  beautiful performances.

He does a great job as a supporting singer and was really enjoyable to hear with some of the on campus groups, such as Men’s Chorus:

 One of my favorite parts of photographing Brian was that he was so animated. Everything he sung was full of passion and it was written all over his face and showed in all of his actions.

I have listened to him before but have never seen him perform live. The experience was so much richer. I love the light that comes from his eyes. He just seamed to glow with joy as he interacted with the students whom he was performing with.

The night could not have been complete without the wonderful symphony that boosted many of the other performances.

The entire evening was full of wonderful music and great dancing both by Brian and by the different performing groups. Here are a couple more shots that I took tonight and really enjoyed.