De Hoyos Engagements

I recently had the opportunity to do engagements for Deborah and Andres. I know Andres from my mission for the LDS church, and it was great to be around him again. We shot at the ampitheatre at the old mental hospital in Provo. We found some beautiful light and came out with some very simple classy photos. The Photo above is actually a composite of a number of photos taken in a way that allows for a very shallow depth of field. It is a method called the Brenizer method that I am starting to play with. I will try to post more of my experiments with that in the near future. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Not only was this couple beautiful, but they were also fun to work with. Deborah was a bit concerned about having awkward pictures so we made sure to get some awkward ones just for good measure. Here are few of them:


Hannah and Dick Engagements

This last weekend I got to go do engagement pictures with my friends Hannah and Dick. They were very patient and willing to try things which I think helped them to relax and make the shoot fun. For instance this shot was taken in this location:

We did some shots up Provo Canyon and in downtown provo. Hope you enjoy.

This last one was shot through a chain-link fence and you can see the pattern in the corners of the picture. I think it is a fun affect.


Anna and Kasey Wedding

For the last month I have had the opportunity to work with Anna and Kasey to shoot photos of their wedding at the Denver Colorado Temple and at receptions in Colorado Springs and Alpine, Utah. Anna and Kasey are friends of mine from here in Provo and were fun to work with. The sun came out right before they came out of the temple but it was definitely not a warm day, but they were patient and we got some great photos.

Their was a ring ceremony help prior to the reception at the same location. The reception was a beautifully decorated and everyone enjoyed the dance floor and photobooth(see previous post).

After the reception in Alpine Kasey and Anna were kind enough to let me try an idea that I had. We went up on a hill near the church and did a few shots. They were so great to work with.


Home in Seattle

I am currently visiting home in Seattle. Yesterday, Christmas, we had my sister and her family over in the afternoon, and they are staying with us for the next couple days.  Here are a few photos of my fun nieces and nephews. Up above is Rico. He was having some fun with the wrapping fromt he gifts.

This is Ella, smiling and frowning at the same time. Pretty talented:)

This is Lou, and her very cute large cheeks.

This is Ferdie, twin #1.

And this is Morty, Twin #2(in case you could not tell). I thought it worked out that they were both chewing on balls.  In case you are concerned about my sisters ability to choose good names for her children, these are just nick names. Here are a few more photos from yesterday. I will try to post some more from my time here.

This is the game, Hop on Uncle Grant.

Ferdie recently learned to walk and was very effective at going and retrieving gifts. He was not; however, very good at getting them where they needed to be:)

This is Lou figuring out what uncle Grant’s beard feels like. I guess she got a little distracted by his nose as well.

Momma and Lou posing for  a photo.
And and here is a normal one as well.

The best way for me to get the kids in front of the camera is to let them make faces at me. They are very good at it.


I will try to post some more normal ones soon.